Our Work

Our Vission:

To create a new society for the benefit of those regardless of caste gender and religion, who are exploited, ignored, backward, and deprived of basic human rights and on the basis of fundamental human values enable them to find the strength to fulfill their true potential.

Our Mission:

  • To spread awareness about freedom, equality fraternity and justice
  • To provide education and health services
  • To create awareness of the importance of education and good health
  • To cultivate art and culture
  • To create a society based on morality and personal independence
  • To create self-confidence and empowerment in exploited, ignored people in society.


Work approach:-

      • Working with local groups and at community level.
      • Operating as resource center.

Work is spread across 15 vasti of Pune and Pimpari Chinchwad Corporation area of Maharashtra. BHPP work is divided in three community programmatic units- Women, Children and Health.