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What is Bahujan Hitay?

BHPP provides children, adolescent girls, women, minority groups, widows, dropouts and tribal’s from seven slum localities in Pune with the opportunity to receive an education and become aware of social and economic development opportunities. The various programs that BHPP runs include: a free medical clinic, self help group, study classes, sewing and jewellery-making classes, computer skills and Spoken English classes., Beauty parlour classes, Day Care Centre. All of which will allow women to gain new skills, obtain stable jobs, or develop their own small businesses. Additionally, BHPP runs study and education classes for children and adolescents in the slums to motivate them to seek a higher education. For more information about the programs go to[our work page link] .

ideal essay writers style=”color: #000000;”>History
BHPP was established in 1982 with the aim to provide welfare for the residents of 7 slum locations in Dapodi, Pune. The slums are currently home to over 60,000 people and continue to expand as more migrants from rural areas come in search of work.